You are a readmit applicant if you are a former student returning to KU after a break in your undergraduate studies.  You must have previously attended the University of Kansas in a degree program, enrolled in KU classes, and earned grades.  If you have NEVER been enrolled in degree-program classes or are a previous applicant who has never been enrolled at KU, you should select Freshman or Transfer as your option for admission.  

How to Apply

1. Complete the KU online International Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions (IRUA) application

2. Attach a legible copy of your passport.

3. If in F-1 or J-1 status, attach proof of available financial resources to pay for all educational, living, and other expenses for one year. Note: This item is not required for admission, but it is required for the Office of International Student Services to issue your immigration document. Submitting proof of finances when you apply will make the visa application process quicker and easier. 
4. If you have attended another school since last enrolled at KU, have official academic records sent directly to IRUA from the school. We must receive your official transcripts in the school's sealed envelope or via a bonafide established transcript service (such as Naviance, Docufide, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.).

5. If you have not attended another school since last enrolled at KU, write an essay explaining your activities.