A KU degree is a valuable investment

You'll receive one of the best educations in the United States when you study at KU. 

This isn't idle bragging on our part. We belong to an invitation-only, exclusive group of the best universities in the country. It's called the Association of American Universities, and membership is based on the high quality of a university's teaching and research.

This means renowned professors and researchers, a reputation for challenging students to achieve, outstanding academics, and innovative support and enrichment programs. It means the degree you earn here is recognized worldwide.

Our priority is making education an investment you can afford. We've kept our tuition lower than most of the other prestigious AAU universities. To help you budget, we've frozen tuition for incoming freshmen for four years, so you won't seen a tuition increase for four years after you begin your studies.  

KU's AAU peers: University of Buffalo; SUNY; University of Missouri-Columbia; University of Iowa; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; University of Florida; University of Oregon; University of Colorado at Boulder; Indiana University; Michigan State University; University of Virginia