You are a freshman applicant if:

(a) you are currently enrolled in high school and will graduate before enrollment in college or university OR

(b) you have already graduated from high school and you have never been enrolled in a regular session at any college or university since high school graduation.

The Process
To be admitted to KU as a degree-seeking freshman, you must have completed a secondary education with a curriculum that prepares you for university studies in your home country.  You must fulfill the minimum grade point equivalency; provide official academic records and test scores, including English proficiency scores; meet the application deadlines; and if in F-1 or J-1 status, provide verified financial support for one academic year.  

If you are undecided on a major, you should apply to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).  As a student in CLAS, you will take general education courses, which will apply toward most degrees.  When you decide upon a major, you can apply to another KU academic division or professional school.  

You can also apply for freshman admission to the School of the Arts; the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning; the School of Business; the School of Engineering; the School of Journalism and Mass Communication; and the School of Music.  If you wish to major in these areas but do not meet the admission requirements, you can be admitted to CLAS to take the prerequisite coursework. 

If you have chosen certain CLAS majors, education, the health professions, nursing, pharmacy, or social welfare, you will begin your studies in CLAS.  When you have completed prerequisites for admission to their programs, you will apply to the appropriate academic division or professional school.
How to Apply
1. Complete the KU International Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions application

2. Pay the $85 application fee.  Applicants must pay online by credit card.
3. Have each secondary school (grades 9-12) and post-secondary school (grades 13+) you have attended send official transcripts to KU IRUA.  We must receive your transcripts in the school's sealed envelope.  Your transcripts must be presented in the language of instruction with an English translation.
4. Provide school-attested proof of high school graduation particular to your country. 

5. Contact Educational Testing Service to have your TOEFL scores sent to KU.  Alternately, you can contact IELTS to have your IELTS-Academic scores sent. Learn about KU's English proficiency requirements

6. Send proof of adequate financial resources for one year. Note: This item is not required for admission, but it is required for the Office of International Student Services to issue your immigration document. Submitting proof of finances when you apply will make the visa application process quicker and easier. 

7. Send a copy of the biographical information page of your passport.  If you are in the United States in any status other than F-1 or J-1, please also provide proof of your status.

8. If someone is helping you with your application, complete the Third Party Release page of the application form.  This document is required if an educational agent is handling your application. 

You should apply by the application deadline for the program and term you wish to enter.  Some KU schools or departments have additional admission criteria and require additional application materials. 

Please complete all forms in English.  Your application materials will become the property of KU and will not be returned or forwarded.  

You can check the status of your application by logging into your application account with the username and password you created when you applied.  If you have questions, contact