Why KU?

Is KU accredited?
KU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. KU is one of 62 members of the prestigious Association of American Universities. The university is also accredited by numerous other boards, assemblies, associations, and councils. Information about the accreditation of professional schools and academic departments can be found on their respective home pages.
How is KU ranked?
KU consistently earns strong rankings from U.S. News and World ReportThe Princeton Review, and other publications.  Learn more
What are KU’s strongest programs of study?
KU has over 190 undergraduate degree programs in fields as varied as the arts and sciences, journalism, business, engineering, the health professions, and more.
With what schools does KU have exchange programs?
Since the 1950s, KU has promoted international exchange as an important way to enrich education. KU is a national leader in providing low-cost, high-quality study abroad programs. The Office of Study Abroad administers more than 100 study abroad programs in about 50 countries throughout the world. 

Admission Requirements

What are the admission requirements?
Review the requirements for freshmen, transfer, and non-degree students


How much does it cost to attend KU? 
The total cost of attendance depends upon the number of credit hours you take, your academic level, and your field of study.  Review a complete set of estimated costs
Is an enrollment deposit required for KU students?
International undergraduates are not required to pay the new student fee.
Are international students eligible to pay Kansas resident (in-state) tuition?
International students usually pay non-resident (out-of-state) tuition rates.  IRUA does not determine students’ residency status for tuition purposes.  Information concerning residency for tuition purposes can be found on the Office of the University Registrar’s website
Does KU offer financial aid to international students?
No.  KU does not offer financial assistance or full scholarships that pay for all of an international student's expenses.  We do offer some competitive merit awards.  Review scholarship opportunities for international students.  KU requires applicants in F-1 or J-1 status to provide evidence of one full year’s financial support as part of the admissions process.  If an applicant qualifies for scholarship consideration, he or she will be informed upon admission to the university.


Does KU have scholarships for international students?
Yes.  IRUA awards a few competitive merit scholarships.  Learn more.
Do KU’s academic departments offer scholarships?
Many KU academic departments also offer scholarships to students.  After completion of one year of studies in their academic programs, students might be eligible for competitive awards offered by academic departments. 
Are there any other scholarship opportunities?
Education USA, the Institute for International Education, and NAFSA Association of International Educators offer additional scholarships for students who plan to pursue studies in the USA.

English Proficiency

What are the English proficiency requirements?
International, degree-seeking undergraduates are required to submit English proficiency test scores with their applications for admission.  However, new undergraduates may be admitted with any level of English proficiency.  TOEFL, IELTS-Academic, or other standardized English proficiency tests will help you determine how much English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction you might need before you can enroll full time in university courses.  Review the English proficiency requirements.   

After arriving on campus and before enrolling in KU classes, all international students’ English proficiency is evaluated by KU’s Applied English Center (AEC).  If you do not meet the KU English requirement for enrollment in university courses, you will be required to enroll in English classes at the AEC for one or more semesters.  If you meet the English requirement, you will enroll in full-time university courses. 

Can a student be exempt from taking the English proficiency test?
A student can apply to be waived from the English proficiency examination if, within the last two years, he or she has achieved one of the following TOEFL or IELTS-Academic scores:

Paper based TOEFL: 57 or higher for each section score and 4.5 or higher on the Test of Written English (TWE)

TOEFL IBT (Internet-Based Test): 23 or higher for each section score

IELTS-Academic format: 6.0 or higher for each part and total score of 6.5

Native speakers of English from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, an English-speaking province of Canada, or an English-speaking Caribbean country will not be required to take the AEC English Proficiency Test.  Students must go to the AEC office to request the waiver.  

What is KU’s TOEFL code?
What is the AEC?
The Applied English Center, or AEC, provides English proficiency testing and training.  The AEC welcomes students with any level of English proficiency, preparing them for study in American universities and helping them participate in American society.

Admission Process

How do I apply if I have dual citizenship with the United States?
People who were born in the United States and are eligible for a U.S. passport must apply through the KU Office of Admissions
I am a permanent resident of the U.S.  Do I apply through IRUA?
If your application for permanent residence is pending approval, you should apply through IRUA. 

Apply through the KU Office of Admissions if:

·         You are a U.S. citizen

·         You have dual citizenship with another country and the U.S. and are eligible for a U.S. passport

·         You are a U.S. permanent resident, refugee, or political asylee or applicant for U.S. permanent residence, refugee, or asylee status

·         You have been approved for D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

·         You are eligible for KS Statute 76-731a

If you are uncertain of your immigration status, you may present your papers to an ISS immigration advisor for determination of status, email iss@ku.edu, or call 785-864-3617.

I am an international exchange student at a high school in the United States.  Through which office should I apply?
The KU office through which you apply is determined by your immigration status, not the location of your school.  If you are an international student on any non-immigrant status attending high school in the United States, you should apply through IRUA. 
How do I apply for admission?
Review the “Apply” page
Will you accept photocopies or unofficial copies of academic records?
Academic documents must be original or attested copies, showing an official school seal and signature of an administrative official.  Transcripts should be sent to IRUA directly from the school.  Your full name must be written on each document.  All documents must be in the native language of instruction with English translations.  You must provide official academic records from every educational institution you have attended. 
Is an essay required as a part of my application for admission?
No, but it might be for some academic programs and for scholarships. 
Are SAT or ACT scores required for admission?
KU’s schools of Architecture, Design and Planning, Business, Engineering, and Journalism and Mass Communication require SAT or ACT scores. IRUA also requires SAT or ACT scores for students to be considered for scholarships.

If the SAT or ACT is not offered in your country, you can still be admitted to KU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, take required general education coursework, and take the SAT or ACT during your first semester at KU.  Then, you can apply for a change of school in a later semester. 

The School of Engineering considers students for admission if they have passed university-level calculus with a “C” or better, even though they might not have taken the ACT or SAT. 

How can I check the status of my application?
To check the status of your application, follow the instructions on our "Check Status" page.  
I applied for one semester but won’t be able to attend.  How can I apply for another semester?
Email world@ku.edu with your request.  Your email should include your complete legal name, date of birth, and the semester for which you applied.  If the financial documents you provided with your application are more than six months old, you must provide updated documents.  If you have completed additional coursework since your first application, you must submit academic records for it. 

If your original application is more than one year old, you must submit a new application and fee.

Deadlines and Timelines

What is the application deadline?
Review the application deadlines
What is the scholarship deadline?

After Admission

When will I get my I-20?
When you have submitted your official transcript to IRUA, confirmed acceptance of our admission offer, and submitted proof of financial resources for your first year, you will receive an email from the Office of International Student Services with instructions for receiving your I-20.  Learn more. Review your options and the timeframes associated with each, or email issdocs@ku.edu.  
My name is wrong on my I-20.  How can I change it?
Email your request to world@ku.edu.  Your email should include your KUID number, your name, exactly as it appears on your passport; the semester you wish to begin your studies, and a copy of the biographical page of your passport.   
How do I get my visa?
International Student Services can provide information about applying for a student visa.   
What else do I need to do to prepare for arrival?
We recommend reviewing International Student Services’ pre-arrival page
How do I apply for housing?
Start the process at housing.ku.edu

Academics and Enrollment

What can I study at KU?
KU has more than 190 undergraduate majors. 
I have already attended a college or university.  Can I transfer the courses to KU?
We evaluate transcripts for credit after applicants have been admitted.  We require official academic records as part of your application, and we might also require copies of your course syllabi to determine whether your courses will transfer.  You will be notified by email to view the student portal, where you can see a report informing you which of your courses have transferred. 

CredTran lists courses that have already been evaluated and transferred to KU from other institutions.  The list updated as new universities and courses are being evaluated for transfer credit. 

What classes will I take?
Each major has a required set of courses students must complete to graduate.  Each major also comprises a number of electives, which allow students flexibility with their schedules and room for exploration.  Learn more by reviewing the undergraduate catalog
When can I enroll? How do I enroll?
You can enroll during ISS "You at KU" Orientation.  There are no opportunities for incoming international students to enroll early.