Featured Alumni

Haider Sulaiman Tarar; Chemical Engineering, 2015

Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Current City: Wichita, Kansas
Current Occupation: TPDP Engineer, Hospira Pharmaeceuticals
Favorite KU Experience: Meeting people with a vast array of backgrounds and interests. More specifically, when KU got to the NCAA finals my freshman year. 
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: KU will provide you with the opportunities to become what you want to be. In your time here, make use of as many of these opportunities as possible. KU is not the place to limit yourself.
 What Makes KU Unique: An amalgamation of rich basketball history, a constitution of diverse people, a wealth of resources, and a commitment to grow. 

Name: Jorge Carvajal-Espinoza
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Educational Measurement, 2011
Hometown and Current City: San Jose, Costa Rica
Current Occupation: Professor, University of Costa Rica
Professional Highlights: Mathematics teacher and researcher in field of Educational Measurement
Favorite KU Experience: Running through campus
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: Try to manage your time wisely
Family: Three of my kids graduated from KU, and the youngest (a high school senior in Costa Rica) wants to attend KU
Someone might be Surprised to Know: As a KU student, I ran my first marathon, and then 9 more

Name: Balaiji Bhaskar
​KU Degree and Graduation Year: Computer Science, 2013
Hometown: Jamshedpur, India
Current City: Seattle, Washington
Current Occupation: Product Manager at Microsoft
Professional Highlights: I was the only intern from KU at Microsoft, and it turned into a full-time position. I was a software developer before becoming a product manager. I currently work in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, and I am part of the overall team that is shipping Windows! 
Favorite KU Experience: My entire period at KU was very memorable, filled with fond memories of Lawrence. From International Orientation in August 2009, all the way to graduation in May 2013, was an amazing journey. I spent 17 years in India before spending four years at KU, yet I am certain I learned more in those four years than I did in the 17 years prior. I really love the culture at KU and the feeling of being a family, especially during game days. 
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: I would advise students to be true to their work and purpose — work hard, and know in advance that it will all be worth it one day, even if it does not seem that way in the moment. 
Favorite Part of My Job: The best part of my job is the fact I have the opportunity to have an impact on a BILLION people. Around 1.5 billion people use Windows every day. The fact that my work is reflected on 1.5 billion people's computers, and it in some way affects 1.5 billion lives is the biggest motivation I could ask for. This is what keeps me going every single day! 
When I'm not Working: I can be found at the tennis courts. I really enjoy playing tennis and keep playing until the lights go out! 

Name: Gavin McEwen
​KU Degree and Grad Year: MA Philosophy, 1970
Hometown and Current City: Aberdeen, Scotland
Current Occupation: Chartered Tax Adviser
Professional Highlights: Partner in the world's leading professional services provider, PwC (formerly C&L), 1988 to 2007
Favorite KU Experience: Summer sunshine on a leafy green campus
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: Go with the opportunities that arise, do what interests you, as you'll do that well.
Other International Experiences: Research in West Germany, 1970-1972, doctoral studies in England, 1972-1975, headed PwC's tax practice in Kenya, 2001-2007

--The photograph was taken on the summit of Mount Whitney, California, on July 31 last year. I'm the guy in the blue hood and dark glasses to the right. The man in the middle is Katsuaki Teresawa, a good friend from my KU days, who now lives in Carmel, California. Together with John, on the left, we covered 60 miles of the John Muir Trail from Kings Canyon, ending by summitting Mount Whitney at 14,495 feet. 

Name: Namita Balwalli
KU Degree and Graduation Year: MA Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Bioscience; 2013
Hometown: Pune, India
Current City: Mumbai, India
Current Occupation: Marketing for Genetic Diagnostics
Professional Highlights: I have worked with oncology drug discovery at a leading research company in India. Using my background in molecular studies, I've now moved to marketing for Genetic Diagnostics in Mumbai. 
Favorite KU Experience: When KU entered the basketball finals and the entire town was downtown celebrating. I loved the spirit of KU. 
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: It's an amazing place with lovely people. Enjoy every moment of your say in Lawrence.
When I'm not Working: I enjoy road trips with my partner, Jay. I also enjoy hiking, trekking, and going for adventures with my friends. I love dancing and have been trained in classical Indian dancing. 

Name: Leah Jordan
KU Major and Graduation Year: English, 2008
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas
Current City: London
Current Occupation: Rabbi
Favorite KU Experience: The Honors Program and studying abroad in Paris and the UK my junior year. 
Advice for Current or Future Students: A good advisor will help you get into the classes you want and guide you toward classes and teachers you didn't even know you'd like. With good advising, you'll complete the credits you need in time and complete them in an interesting and engaging way for yourself. Sometimes you have to be a little aggressive or pro-active, but if you focus on one thing academically, make it advising. 
Favorite Part of my Job: Interacting with people in deep and diverse ways and teaching Jewish traditional literature, which my English major helps immeasurably with. 
Favorite feature of Lawrence: I love Lawrence and the campus and how they make up one big walking city together. It's both small enough to be homey and welcoming and culturally diverse enough to have so much going on. A perfect combination. 
Family: I'm a fourth generation Jayhawk and sometimes think I'm a sort of "classic" KU student. Half my family members are from farms in central Kansas, and the other half are suburban Kansas Citians (a combination of much of what makes up the KU student body). My dad's great uncle went to KU back when no one in my family had a college degree. My dad grew up on a farm, and he and his sister were the first in their immediate family to go to college. My dad went to the engineering school at KU, where he met my mom, who is from a Jewish family based in suburban Kansas City. My mom grew up in KC because her dad, my grandpa, was a professor of reproductive physiology at KU Medical Center, and for years he taught one of the compulsory classes for KU Med students, so many of the med center's graduates remember him fondly. My sister, my closest cousin, one of my best friends, and I all went to KU. My whole family bleeds crimson and blue. 
Other International Experiences: I did my whole junior year abroad, and the Office of Study Abroad was so amazing and encouraging and accommodating about all the ins and outs of getting scholarships and permission to go, finding the right classes for my degree abroad, having the credits transfer back, and supporting me while I was there. During that year, I spent one semester in Paris and one semester at the University of Leicester in England. The year after I graduated, I studied abroad for a year in Israel, and I've now lived in London for the last three years. 
Someone might be Surprised to Know: Even though I live all the way in London, I asked my sister, who was my maid of honor, to arrange for my bachelorette party in Lawrence. For two nights last year, my sister and I and four of my best friends traveled to Lawrence for the weekend. We booked two rooms at the Eldridge, went to all our favorite restaurants and bars, and wrapped it all up with a treasure hunt of our old haunts on campus, like our broken-down senior year house at 10th and Mississippi, the Union, Templin Hall, etc., and a bachelorette tattoo for me at Ichaban.  
When I'm not Working: I love taking advantage of all London has to offer: the plays, sights, food, and nights out. I also love reading all kinds of fiction — both realistic and fantasy/science fiction — and I love certain geek TV shows and movies. 

Name: Angel Francisco Guilarte Hernandez
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Petroleum Engineering, 1979
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Current City: Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
Current Occupation: Technical Consultant to Spectrum Technical Services Mexico
Professional Highlights: Updated operational processes at Pemex production facilities. Project engineer for modifications at the Sincor main station from 2000-2008, designing and building 32 clusters and a gathering system for crude oil and dilutants in the Sincor Block to assure fluid production up to 200 MBD of diluted crude oil from the Orinoco Belt in Venezuela. Production and process engineer assigned to the Orimulsion Development project from 1988 to 1993. 
Favorite KU Experience: Attending classes every day and enjoying the excellent study environment.
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: Avoid wasting time.
Favorite Part of my Job: Upgrading technically in the area of production facilities every day. 
Favorite Feature of the KU Campus: The safe, friendly, and study-conducive atmosphere.
What Makes KU Unique: The professional dedication of teachers and staff from the university.
Family: Married for 28 years. Two daughters, one of whom is a graduate in economics and the second of whom is studying mechanical engineering at the University Simon Bolivar in Caracas. My family gives me great moral support and I have a great satisfaction for their achievements.
Other International Experiences: I provided technical advice in Colombia for one year, and I currently provide professional consulting for the Mexican state oil company, PEMEX.
Someone might be Surprised to Know: Despite being such a serious person, I like to joke with friends and family.
When I'm not Working: I play tennis, run, and watch television, especially sporting events. 

Name: Girish Ballolla
KU Degrees and Graduation Years: BS Biology, 1998; MSE, 1997
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Current City: Woodbury, Minnesota
Current Occupation: Founder and CEO of Gen Next Education, Inc. 
Professional Highlights: Started my career with the University of Minnesota and moved to an HR role in a Fortune 500 company to develop its College Relations Program. During my four year stint in HR, I learned a lot about how businesses run and how they should be run. Spent a couple years in sales and marketing at the same company before my entreprenurial itch pulled me out. In 2006, I started from scratch, a retail company in the home-improvement market, selling granite, marble, etc., before the housing market crisis got the best of it. At the same time, I realized my true passion was in international education, and that's when I launched my current company, to bridge the gap that currently exists in international education between India and the U.S. 
Favorite KU Experience: There are so many to mention: making hundreds of friends, playing intramurals, homecoming parades, planning Festival of Nations, movies on the hill, KU BASKETBALL, oh, and of course, attending classes. But my favorite experience HAS to be my first one. It was almost midnight on a cold January night. I was 18 and had just made the 10,000 mile journey from India with $150 in my pocket. I was picked up at KCI by volunteers and driven to KU. As we drove through Jayhawk Boulevard on that moonlit night, on the way down to Naismith Hall for our three-day orientation, I had this strong sense that I was home and that KU would help me figure out my future and get me on my way. And, boy was I right! 
Advice for Future or Current KU Students: Congratulations on picking KU! It truly is an amazing place. The people, the community, the experiences, the challenges, and the opportunities . . . they're all there. The only thing you need to do is jump in with both feet and live a total KU life. Stretch your boundaries and see what lies beyond them. Rock Chalk! 
Someone might be Surprised to Know: I don't look it, but I'm a total home-improvement junkie. I like tinkering around the house and fixing things, making things, installing things, building things. I was even featured on a DIY TV show in which I built two waterfalls, a pergola, two patios and a whole bunch of landscaping in my back yard in just over four weeks. No autographs please! 

Name: Tetsuya Ideue
​KU Graduation Year and Degree: Economics, 2005
Hometown: Kagoshima, Japan
Current City: Tokyo
Professional Highlights: I have been in the IT industry for about 10 years. Basically, I do a sales job, but sometimes I do marketing, like creating strategies for selling new products with our U.S. team. I am strong in security but have a lot of experience with networks, servers, and cloud solutions. 
Favorite KU Experience: I still remember my first step onto our beautiful Lawrence campus; it was, for me, like an American movie or something. I enjoyed my KU life, I gained a lot of good friends there, and spending Friday night with my friends was my greatest pleasure. I also studied very hard; I always survived, reading several books a week and writing papers. 
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: Study hard weekdays and enjoy weekends. 
Other International Experiences: I love to travel; I have been to more than 40 cities all over the world. Before getting into KU, I studied in Orange County and Vancouver. I still have my sweet host families there. 

Name: Yerzhan Karymasakov
​KU Degree and Graduation Year: MBA, 1995
Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Current City: Houston, Texas
Current Occupation: Senior Business Development Advisor, Chevron
Professional Highlights: Border Post Officer for USSR Border Guard, various positions for Parker Drilling Company, Tengizchevroil, Agip KCO, Eni, and Chevron
Favorite KU Experience: Going to the beautiful campus, the foreign TV lab, gym, quiet study in the libraries, eating, shopping at the Kansas Union, and hanging out with professors.
Advice for Future or Current KU Students: Ask many questions, be curious, take advantage of on-campus extracurricular learning opportunities, develop a mentor (usually for life), step out of comfort zone (get to know people); the alliances you make in your student years will be the strongest in your life. 
Favorite Part of my Job: Going overseas on business trips.
Favorite Part of Lawrence or the KU Campus: Watson Library, the bell tower, and the lake; Kansas Union, La Prima Tazza Cafe, Freestate Brewery. 
What makes KU Unique: The Jayhawk, the campus, Mass Street
Family: I have a wife and four kids, all of whom were born in different countries (Kazakhstan, U.K., Italy, U.S.) during my assignments in the oil industry
Other International Experiences: Traveling the globe has always been my aspiration, and working for oil has been the key to it. 
Someone might be Surprised to Know: I served in the Soviet military as an officer on the Afghanistan border. 
When I'm not Working: Reading the NY Times in the coffee house on Saturday mornings, exploring local sites, reading history books and memoirs of accomplished leaders. 

Name: Danish Tarar
KU Degree and Graduation Year: BS Petroleum Engineering, 2012
Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Current City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Current Occupation: Reservoir Engineer for Chesapeake Energy
Professional Highlights: Have also worked as a petroleum engineer for Berexco, LLC and worked for the KU Tertiary Oil Recovery Program
Favorite KU Experience: I particularly enjoyed being on campus during spring semester — great weather, a beautiful campus, and basketball season
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: You have tremendous resources available to you on campus; use those to come up with and work towards personal and professional goals
What Makes KU Unique: KU offers a very rich student life in addition to the quality classroom instruction. The experience is extremely valuable in preparing students for their paths after graduation. 

Name: Eugenio Gordienko
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Business Administration, 1989
Hometown and Current City: San Jose, Costa Rica
Current Occupation: General Manager, L-Tres Communicaciones Costa Rica S.A., a Subsidiary of Narda Microwave East, a division of L3 Communications Corporation
Professional Highlights: Worked in the electronics industry for the last 16 years. Member of the Board of the Costa Rican Free Zone Association. Also worked for a free zone industrial park, renting and selling buildings. 
Favorite KU Experience:Celebration of the 1988 National Basketball Championship on campus. What an amazing sight. It brought everyone together. 
Advice for Future or Current KU Students: You are going to have the time of your life!! However, at times it is hard to tell until time has gone by. These years do not come back, so you have to make the best of them. There is no place like KU. I wish I could go back in time; those were some of the best years of my life. Although I moved back to Costa Rica after graduation, I still keep in touch with many of my college friends. Great guys. 
Favorite Feature of Lawrence or the KU Campus: I was amazed by the whole package. The campus is beautiful. I have seen several campuses in the last 20 years and not one comes close. The friendliness of the people in Lawrence and throughout Kansas you do not get to see in many places. I met great people, not just Americans, but from all over the world. However, I have to say that although the whole experience was unmatchable, basketball is my thing, and going to watch the Hawks at Allen Fieldhouse was a treat, and the national championship was the icing on the cake. To this day, I closely follow the Hawks and keep a basketball chat with my college buddies. 

Name: Bodo Doose
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Economics, 1998
Hometown: Kiel, Germany
Current City: Cologne, Germany
Current Occupation: Client Relationship Manager at Talanx, a large German insurance group
Professional Highlights: Besides succeeding in various jobs, I managed to pass the following exams: Certified Financial Analyst (CFA Institute), Financial Risk Manager (GARP), Professional Risk Manager (PRIMA), Certified Management Accountant (IMA)
Favorite KU Experience: The community and the close professor-student relationship, which is (or was) unusual at German universities.
Advice for Current or Future KU Students: Do as many extracurricular activities as your schedule allows! Grades are not everything! 
Favorite Part of my Job: The responsibility and the freedom to do it my way. 
Favorite Feature of Campus: The beauty, the enthusiasm of my advisor, and the basketball madness
What Makes KU Unique: The basketball madness! 
Family: Married since 2005; son, Linus, born in 2008
Other International Experiences: Worked as Head of Controlling for a large, French leasing company in Cologne and had to interact wtih the headquarters in Paris. I also worked as a financial consultant for a German-Swiss joint venture and traveled several times to the joint venture partner in Zurich.
Someone would be Surprised to Know: I played baseball for 20 years, which is pretty unusual here in Germany, and I ride a large motorbike, though not as often as I wish :--(
When I'm not Working: I travel, enjoy activities with my family, ride my motorbike, party, and read (currently the novel on which "Game of Thrones" is based)

--The photo is of me right before my first tandem jump during our last trip to New Zealand. Did I mention I love to do crazy things once in a while? 

Name: Chelsea Mertz
KU Degree and Graduation Year: BA Political Science, 2010
Hometown: Hoyt, Kansas
Current City: London, United Kingdom
Current Occupation: Pursuing a dual MS in International Relations and Human Rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science
Professional Highlights: When Hillary Clinton, serving of Secretary of State, visited Malawi and spoke to Peace Corps volunteers and all the girls at Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), the women's empowerment camp I directed. Her message on what women can do when they have the support of peers and family was so inspiring, both to me and to all the girls.
Favorite KU Memory: I have two. First, the moment when Mario Chalmers sank the 3-point shot with two seconds to go. The town erupted, Mass Street was wall-to-wall with people, and everyone wanted to high five. I'll never forget being part of that celebration. Second, walking through the Campanile and down the Hill to Memorial Stadium in cap and gown, pomp and circumstance playing in the background. I felt so proud to be a Jayhawk and part of the school's many honored alumni from that day forward.
Advice to Current and Future Students: Make the most of Lawrence! It's a beautiful city with so much to offer outside of campus. Explore downtown, hike through the wetlands, bike around Clinton Lake. Do it all. Who knows when you'll be back again? 
Other International Experiences: I first traveled to London in 2010 with Mary Klayder's London Review class. She prepared a schedule perfect for exploring the city's richness. We spent a week immersed in the city's vibrancy. I fell in love with it then and moved back three years later to pursue my master's degree. Without KU and Mary Klayder I'm not sure I would have seen London in that same initial light.   

Name: Sergio Abauat
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Petroleum Engineering, 1988
Home Country: Colombia
Current City: Bogota
Current Occupation: CEO Valle Energy, Colombia Operator
Professional Highlights: Started in 1991 as a field engineer for Argosy Energy International in the Colombian jungle. In 2000 went to run an independent drilling company. In 2002 became Operations Manager for Occidental de Colombia, then in 2006 Drilling Manager. In 2008, went to Houston as Senior Drilling Advisor for Occidental Oil Corporation, Central Driling Group. Implemented new strategies in drilling and contributed to the company going from third to first quartile in worldwide drilling. Came back to Colombia in mid-2012 to lead this oil and gas operator. 
Favorite KU Experience: Sharing experiences with a group of excellent international petroleum engineers and great professors. Loved the campus and the warmth of the people in Lawrence. 
Advice for Future or Current Students: Take advantage of the facilities and labs at KU. They are world class and uncommon in real life. Also, KU has the reputation of being one of the best schools in the world, and once your graduate, you become an ambassador, so be proud and be sure to be recognized as an outstanding and integral professional. 
Favorite Part of my Job: Seeing the company grown from a small to a mid-size operator
What Makes KU Unique: Its beautiful campus
Family: Got married in 2005 to a Colombian journalist with a master in corporate communication. We have no kids and met at Occidental where she worked for 10 years, and now she is working on her passion, which is photography. 
When I'm not Working: I enjoy going with my wife to our farm outside of Bogota on the weekends and just walking into the forest. 

Name: Anne-Marie Andrada
KU Major and Graduation Year: MA Film Studies, 2001
Current City: Phenom Penh, Cambodia
Current Occupation: Associate Creative Director at Riverorchid Cambodia
Professional Highlights: Helping our agency win two consecutive Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards, Winning an Award of Excellence for Out of Home at the 20th Annual Communicator Awards in the U.S., and winning a Gold Award for Radio at the 2007 Davey Awards in the U.S.
Favorite KU Experience: Seeing snow for the first time! I also made great friends, all of whom I cherish to this day. 
Advice for Future or Current Students: A good education is a well-rounded one, so study hard, but make time for fun, too. Take advantage of the performances at the university theatre — excellent stuff! 
Other International Experiences: I have been fortunate enough to visit other parts of Indochina — Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar. Seeing the beauty of each country and experiencing their rich cultures have been truly special moments in my life. 

Name: Omar Aguirre
KU Degree and Grad Year: MS Electrical Engineering, 1990
Hometown and Current City: Quito, Ecuador
Professional Highlights: I worked for 16 years at Xerox as a marketing manager; now, I am the head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, the No. 1 university in Ecuador. I am also currently looking for a PhD program. 
Favorite Aspect of KU: International environment and beauty of the campus. 
Advice for Current or Future Students: Take advantage of all the opportunities KU has to offer. Do not stop at a BS or an MS; follow up to a PhD. 
When I'm not Working: It seems I am always working, but when I'm not thinking of working, I enjoy running. Yes, I am a runner, and I run marathons, half marathons, etc. 

Name: Nery Ricardo Gonzalez Castro
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Mathematics, 1997
Hometown and Current City: Corinto, Nicaragua
Current Occupation: IT Manager
Professional Highlights: High School Mathematics and English Teacher, University Mathematics and Statistics Teacher, Senior Software Developer, Database Manager
Favorite KU Experience: I had the chance to exchange cultural and educational experiences with people around the world
Advice for Future or Current Students: Take advantage of the experience as a whole. Don't limit yourself to what you really could accomplish. At KU, there are a lot of resources you can use to improve as a person and a professional. 
Favorite Part of my Job: Developing and doing research in a field I am thrilled about
Favorite Feature of Campus: The libraries and computer labs. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get information all over campus. As for Lawrence, I loved the convenience of a small town. Everything was at our reach. 
What Makes KU Unique: The diversity of culture. The people who work there also make you feel like you're right at home. 
Family: I'm married to Ana Maribel, a wonderful and patient person. I also have two children: a boy, Ricardo, 8 years old; and a girl, Andrea, 4 years old. 
Other International Experiences: Traveling for work. 
Someone might be Surprised to Learn: My career switch from Mathematics to Information Technology
When I'm not Working: I love spending time with my children and wife. 

Name: Nadim Asrar
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Film Studies, 2006
Hometown: Begusarai, India
Current City: New Delhi, India
Current Occupation: Journalist, Freelance Writer
Favorite KU Experience: Too many to list. Enjoyed and learned from the liberal atmosphere of the university. 
Advice for Current or Future Students: Make sure to learn a new language, especially if you are an international student
Favorite Feature of Lawrence: Downtown, with its great restaurants and Liberty Hall
What Makes KU Unique: Its politics and people
Other International Experiences: Studied for two years at the University of Minnesota after KU
When I'm not Working: Reading and writing, movies, and traveling

Name: Teodoro Leon
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Business Administration, 1976
Hometown: Barcelona, Spain
Current City: Madrid, Spain
Current Occupation: Partner and vice chairman at Venture Capital Management Company (Biotech Sector); board member at International Bank in Spain
Professional Highlights: General manager and board member at several Spanish and international banks in Spain: Banco Urquijo, Citibank, Barclays Bank, Aresbank
Favorite KU Experience: The fantastic courses in Finance with Professor Maurice O. Joy and in statistics with Professor Kent O. Cogger; both of them were outstanding professors, fully dedicated, and very enthusiastic. It was a great learning experience, very useful in all my professional life. 
Advice for Current or Future Students: Enjoy your time at KU; try to have the right mix of learning, spirit, and joy. It will probably be the best opportunity of your life to know very different people. Be open minded! 
My Favorite Moments at KU: The basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse with my friends: lots of passion, good basketball, the band, the songs . . . marching Jayhawk, Rock Chalk. The best university basketball team in the world! 

--Photograph is me cruising the Nile

Name: Bovid Atouta
KU Degree and Graduation Year: Higher Education Administration, 2012
Hometown and Current City: Brazzaville, Congo
Current Occupation: High school teacher
Professional Highlights: I founded the Congo-Brazzaville Fulbright Alumni Association that helped us win $10,875 from the U.S. State Department to implement a project on environmental protection at our schools and university. Also, I was selected by the U.S. State Department to accompany five high school students for leadership workshops in DC, Chicago, and Oregon as a mentor. A story about my services to the Fulbright Association and the Congolese community was published in the 2013 Fulbright Annual Report. 
Favorite KU Experience: Graduation day. 
Advice for Current or Future Students: Study hard, take your paper to the writing center before turning it in, turn in your homework on time, go to the gym, and if you can, sleep at least seven hours every night, eat well, and satisfy all your needs along the way. 
What Makes KU Unique: Professors are approachable, helpful, and supportive. The international office offers good programs for international students, such as conversation groups in the Applied English Center and the World Expo. There is also a writing center and a fantastic recreation center. 
Someone might be Surprised to Know: I listen a lot. I love advice, and I love helping people. I'm a cool guy, hardworking; I always want to get projects done. I love going out with friends and talking about life. 
When I'm not Working: I work out, read, write, and watch TV

Name: Yuqi Gao
KU Major and Graduation Year: Accounting and Finance, 2013
Hometown: Yanji, China
Current Occupation: Master of Accounting Student and Teaching Assistant at KU School of Business
Professional Highlights: Previously attended Deloitte in Kansas City
International Experiences: Studied supply chain management in Panama City and marketing in Clermont-Ferrand, France
Advice for Future or Current Students: Take as many opportunities as you can and meet as many people as you can during your time at KU. 
What Makes KU Unique: The Jayhawk pride. Everyone loves being a Jayhawk, and it feels like we are a big family. We are crazy about basketball season, and we stay really connected, even after we graduate.