It's never too early to start thinking about becoming a KU Jayhawk. 

Planning for college can be difficult, especially if you plan to attend college in another country. Luckily, the Office of International Recruitment and Undergraduate Admissions is here to help you join KU.

Definition of an international student

You are an international student if you:

  • will enter the U.S. on a student or any U.S. non-immigrant visa (such as F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2, H-1, H-4, E-2, L-2, A-2, TPS, etc.)
  • are currently in the U.S. in any U.S. non-immigrant status
  • are not a U.S. citizen
  • are not a U.S. permanent resident, refugee, or political asylee or applicant for U.S. permanent residence, refugee, or asylee status
  • once had a valid U.S. non-immigraton status but are currently considered out-of-status

Where you attended high school does not determine which admission office or which application you should use. Which admission office you use does not determine your residency status for tuition purposes. Eligibility for in-state tuition is determined by the KU Residency Specialist in the Registrar's Office.

You should apply through the KU Office of Admissions if you:

  • are a U.S. citizen
  • have dual citizenship with another country and the U.S. and are eligible for a U.S. passport
  • are a U.S. permanent resident, refugee, or political asylee or applicant for U.S. permanent residence, refugee, or asylee status
  • have been approved or applied for D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
  • are eligible for KS Statute 76-731a

If you are uncertain of your status, you may present your papers to an ISS immigration advisor for determination of status, e-mail, or call 785-864-3617.

Degree seeking students
  1. Freshman: You are a freshman applicant if:
    1. you are currently enrolled in high school (secondary school) and will graduate before enrollment in college or university, or
    2. you have already graduated from high school (secondary school) and you have never been enrolled in a regular session at any college or university after high school graduation.
  2. Transfer: You are a transfer applicant if you have attended any institution (including college, university, preparatory or vocational-technical program) since you graduated from high school (secondary school).
    Students applying with fewer than 24 transferrable credit hours (one full year of study) of post secondary study will be evaluated on a combination of their high school and college grades. They are required to submit both high school and college records for admission.
  3. Readmit: You are a readmit applicant if you are a former student returning to KU after a break in your undergraduate studies. You must have previously attended the University of Kansas in a degree program, enrolled in KU classes and earned grades. If you have NEVER been enrolled in degree-program classes or are a previous applicant who has never been enrolled at KU, you should select Freshman or Transfer as your option for admission.
  4. KU Academic Accelerator Program: The Academic Accelerator Program is targeted toward academically qualified and fully admissible students who have advanced levels of English and are looking for an immersive first year experience at a U.S. university. Over the course of a 12-month period, students in this program take a combination of language and academic courses, and have access to a broad array of cultural programming and student services. Full details of this program and the application form are available at For more information, contact or call 1-785-864-1262.
Non-degree seeking students
  • ESL-non-degree English Language Studies: You are an ESL applicant if you wish to improve your English as a non-degree seeking student at the KU Applied English Center. Students with any level of proficiency may apply directly to the KU Applied English Center on this application.
  • Non-degree exchange student through the KU Study Abroad Program: You are a KU Study Abroad exchange student if you are currently studying at a KU partner university affiliated with the KU Office of Study Abroad exchange program
  • Non-degree visiting student: You are a non-degree visiting applicant if (a) you will take the majority of your courses at another school with special permission to simultaneously enroll in a few KU undergraduate courses or (b) you will attend KU as a participant in a special KU visiting student program. Visiting high school or college students with special permission may enroll in a few KU undergraduate courses while continuing to study at the school they are authorized to attend. Select this option if you will be attending KU while on another school's I-20 or DS-2019 or are in another nonimmigrant visa classification the permits visiting student enrollment.
  • Non-degree other student: You are a non-degree other applicant if:
    1. You are not on a student visa and are permitted to take part time enrollment, or
    2. You are a recent graduate on a student visa who is currently on approved Optional Practical Training or Academic Training and want to take a few KU undergraduate courses part time while working.