Fixed Tuition

The compact offers first-time freshmen a fixed rate of tuition for four full years. Students must opt into the tuition compact. 


Who participates?
All first-time, degree-seeking freshmen. A first-time freshman is a student who starts at KU immediately after graduating from high school or has never attended another college or postsecondary institution. 
How does it work?
First-year freshmen opt to pay a fixed tuition rate, which will remain in effect for the first four years that the student is enrolled. Students in certain academic programs will pay additional course fees, but these will also be set four years in advance.

Students also pay campus fees, which are set by the Student Senate and support student services and activities, such as the health services center, the recreation and fitness center, and the bus system.

Why does it expire in four years?
Almost all KU bachelor's degree programs take four years to complete if a student takes an average of 16 hours a semester. KU encourages students to maintain a rigorous academic schedule and graduate in four years.
What happens after four years?
After the fixed tuition rate expires, students will pay the standard tuition rate in effect at that time.
Is there a maximum or minimum number of hours in which a student may enroll?
No. The fixed tuition rate is in effect for four years no matter how many courses a student takes.
Does it include summer session classes?
Yes. It is in effect for the first four calendar years at KU no matter how many semesters the student enrolls.
Is the fixed tuition rate the same for Kansas residents and nonresidents?
No. Both fixed and standard tuition rates have resident and nonresident levels. See tuition rates.
What happens if a student leaves KU during the four-year period and comes back later?
Such a student will continue to pay the same fixed tuition rate. For example, a student enters KU in August 2011 but withdraws the following year. If that student re-enters KU in fall 2013, s/he will pay the 2011 Freshman fixed tuition rate, until it expires in July 2016.
What if a student participates in a full-time internship for a semester or a study abroad program?
The student continues to pay the fixed tuition rate for four years.

Note: Participation in an internship or study abroad program does not prevent students from graduating within four years. In fact, students who study abroad while at KU have higher four-year graduation rates.

Are there any exceptions to the four-year rule?
Students who need to leave KU for extenuating circumstances will continue to pay the fixed tuition rate if they re-enroll. Their fixed tuition rate will be extended beyond its normal expiration date for a period matching the student's absence. The University Registrar must verify any extenuating circumstances such as military service or emergency medical conditions.
Do other Kansas universities offer four-year, fixed-rate tuition?
No. KU is the only college or university in Kansas that makes this unprecedented commitment to students and their families. The plan was developed in response to KU student leadership's request for a tuition plan that would enable students and their families to plan and budget for college expenses.